Card Swap Partners

Hello Pretty Faces! We're so happy to be spreading the Holiday Love here at FTLOB and can't wait to see these beautiful cards we send to our wonderful friends.

Here is the list, please email partners to exchange addresses!

: Sarah and Tina

: Krystal and Laura laura(at)casadelhansen(dot)com

: Bobbi and Katherine

: Krystina and Kaity

: Kristina and The Lungos

: Aleksandra and Rachel

: Sweet Caroline and Sweta

: Lisa and Metch

: MarieHarmony and Bits and Pieces of Me

: Jamie Lane and Olivia

: Kassi and Alyx

: Clare Cooks clarecancook at gmail dot com and Lauren

: Megan and S. Christie

: Glassy Painters Designs and Marian

: Sarah and Laura

I believe we got everyone! Please, please send me an email to swap addresses, I'd love to swap with everyone. I'm at bloglove at aol dot com or me at datssocute at gmail dot com

Thanks for playing and Happy Holidays Friends...xoxo


I am so sorry that I missed this...what a great idea

I have a $100 Christmas Goodie giveaway....I will be drawing tomorrow night....
Anonymous said…
How great, Thanks a mill for organising this! It's brilliant. Have a great day!

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