Blogging tutorial:How to add Share button with counters to Blogger

Hullo lovely bloggers!Let's learn something new today!

Sharing, spreading the word about your post,proper networking give a huge  boost to your blog and business-we all agree on that.We also agree that social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter,StumbleUpon,Digg etc are the platforms where your posts reach out to others.But,how do you think your posts will get there?
Share buttons of course!Now, Blogger has default share buttons that you can activate to  show up below your blog posts.However,I'm not a big fan of them-why?
Sure,they do the job!But?
a)I'm big on aesthetics:I find them neither very appealing,nor very noticeable-and thus not very effective.
b)They don't come with counters which don't show how many times they have been shared.We all track our traffic stats don't we?So why not the shares?When you're seriously getting into blogging and wish to see your blog grow,numbers are really important.
So today we'll learn how to add those noticeable share buttons with counters under our blog posts.Are you ready?

Let's go to the official Sharethis site.Scroll down where you see a green box title "Grab this button" and click on "Get it now".
Next we choose our platform.Click on "Blogger" where it says  "1.Webite or blog?"
Now we choose the type of widget.Since we are looking at crunching some numbers-we choose one of the widgets with counters.There's a horizontal one and a vertical one where the counters show up at the top.The horizontal counter can be seen live here itself (take a peek at the bottom of this post).
Clicking on either box will open a drop down box where you can customize the services you want in your widget.
You can add or remove services by clicking on the <-- and --> buttons respectively (see the image).

After you've chosen,click on "Get the Button"-which will take you to a page where we add the button to our blog as a Page element.
Choose the blog you want the Share buttons to be added to from a drop down list.
After Selecting the blog click on add widget and then drag the widget under your main post column from the "Page elements" page.
Refer to the image below.

Annnd we are done!
Enjoy your new share buttons!
Watch this space for more tutorials,tips and tricks.


Andy said…
Sharing buttons are soooo important to have. I've had a few of my posts shared on Reddit as well Stumbleon, and the increase in traffic is impressive.
Faith Iyaz said…
I think in blogger this buttons already added then you i add from other site?
Skye said…
Love this! Thanks for the tip - I just added it to mine! :)
Pickleope said…
This is a really great tip. I've been wanting to upgrade those anemic buttons at the bottom of my post but I need my hand held through the process because I'm basically inept. Thank you.
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