Accordion to Kellie

Hi there!  I'm Kellie over from Accordion to Kellie, and I'm so happy to make your acquaintance!
I write in my quaint and oftentime zany little corner of the blogosphere with the sanguine view of amusing, inspiring, and ultimately, edifying readers and friends.

A homeschool graduate, ardent bibliophile, and the oldest daughter and second of six children, I am an endlessly blessed farmgirl who loves the Lord God with all of my heart. I currently live at home with my family in the gorgeous mountains and valleys of rural North Idaho, striving to serve the Lord in every aspect of my life. I love to sew and create beautiful things, and am at present working on expanding my own design business, located at It's been a fabulous learning opportunity, and my dream is to one day become a designer in my own right,  making lovely clothing, accessory, and home decor lines.
For now, I love to design historical costumes as well as modern clothing, embroider extensively, and design and hand-craft pinback button badges and compact mirrors.  If you need a special button badge or compact mirror, I've got it covered! =)

As of June 2011, I live in a 10x12' canvas wall tent that is my studio, bedroom, and retreat, nestled on my family's forest property. My accordions, embroidery, old books, design sketches, antique furniture, vintage finds, and, occasionally, a little sister or two are to be found tucked away in it's quaint interior, and I am loving every minute I am blessed to spend there. I just installed a wood stove, too, and I'm going to see if I can survive in the tent all winter.  it's going to be quite the adventure, as North Idaho winters mean on average 4-8 feet of snow and 10 - 20 below zero temperatures!

I love studying God's Word, reading copious amounts of books, world history, working on various entrepreneurial endeavors, historical fashion and clothing design, working with horses, using far too much butter when baking, clever witticisms, foreign accents, laughing, gardening with my family, and historical dancing. I have a weakness for old books, tooled leather, fresh cherries, plaid, the color green - and my beloved pith helmet. I love to sing and play the accordion, piano, mountain dulcimer

 and ukulele (with more or less success), and hope to one day soon become a certified piano tuner and teacher. I enjoy fishing, archery and rifle shooting, am passionate about home education, and am enthralled with all things Scottish - as well as myriads of other things too numerous to mention!
Most importantly, I love to be a daughter, sister, and friend.
It is my sincere hope that you will be encouraged and inspired by what I have to say - come on over and visit awhile!
See you soon!


Accordion to Kellie


Loving her writing voice! :) Has a sing song quality to it! Off to say hi!

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