Welcoming Our New Blog of the Month

Good Morning Friends and Tasty Tuesday Lovers {Hop coming right up}. Here at for the love of blogs we give everyone the chance to become BOTM. It's a blast of fun! You get a link directly to your site on our navigation bar, a sidebar ad, mentions throughout the month and a welcoming post. November's Blog of the Month is -------Drum Roll Please--------↓
Meet Heidi at Me as a Mother. Her passion for photography clearly shows through her lovely blog. We invite you to go say hello, congratulate her on her new feature here and make a new friend. If you're a mom, I'm pretty sure you can relate and laugh at her humor throughout! Congrats, Heidi.

You can now cast your nominations for next months botm, December.

Stay tuned for Tasty Tues.


ClaytonPaulThomas said...

What a nice concept. The picture is cute as well. Best wishes!


rachel said...

Yay! Congrats Heidi. Heidi's blog is honestly my favorite. I love her sense of humor and her amazing, yet REAL photographs. I am so excited that she is blog of the month!

Heidi said...

Oh wow! I am so excited! Thank you SO much for this! And thank you to my sweet friend Rachel for the nomination, love you Lady!

Jodi said...

Yay! i love her blog :)

Maegan said...

Oh yay, congrats Heidi! I love her blog!!

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