Twitter Thursday Tweeps

Good Morning Tweeters! Today I'm sharing a glimpse of my morning drives into work. This is a shot on the way out of our community.

If you're down for more twitter friends, link your twitter names...if you have trouble linking up; remove the #! out of your url and just put

Today's Highlight is: Che'lyssa M, Go say hello and mingle---don't just @ people saying, "Following from the Twitter Hop!" super annoying--it's fine to tell them you're coming from the #FTLOB #TwitterParty but also say hello and wish them good days, etc....u get the drift!

Have a nice day and go tweet!


Mrs. Sherman said...

Thanks for hosting! I love a good Twitter Hop!

@MirandaSman from Moms Bookshelf & More

Opal Stevens said...

Following from the blog hop:)

Mamma Homemaker said...

Thank you for hosting! Your site is amazing! Whenever you have the chance come check out my blog @

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Beautiful picture Vic! Have a lovely day friends!!!

Africa's Blog said...

all linked up and following!!! thanks for hosting!! (I linked up my blog instead of Twitter at first, feel free to delete. Sorry!!)

I started a new blog at

its self hosted!!! i could sure use some help if anyone has any advice on how to spice it up?!? plugins etc seem to elude me
I need a subscribe button too………..

che'lyssa said...

Hi gals! Thanks for the highlight on today's Twitter Party!!! :)

-Che'Lyssa :)

brlracincwgrl said...

What a beautiful view! :).

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