Show Your Email Tutorial

Hi dolls! I'm over in the community chat and thought we covered the 'Show Your Email' Tutorial but we must not have shared yet. So this is where you edit your blogger profiles to show your email, so that when people comment on your posts you can reply back to them via email.

From your Blogger Dashboard, Click Edit Profile, Check the SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS
A lot of bloggers are hesitant because of whatever reasons but if you want to communicate with your readers then this is a really good idea. It shows your readers you enjoy them stopping by and you appreciate their comments. It's always nice to show your love back somehow and if this is the way you'd like to do it, set this up so that the no-reply by blogger doesn't show up when you leave comments.

ALSO, Scroll down to SAVE after you check the box!!!

Need more tutorials? Feel free to ask! We'd love to share.


Olivia Grace said…
Thank you for posting this!! There are so many times I try to reply to very thoughtful comments but I can't and I get the "no reply" message!!
Seriously! I just spent a half hour replying to comments by email, and only realized after they were no-reply's :( sad!
Amber said…
YES!! I get sad when I go to reply to a comment only to discover the no-reply.
I think Lindsay posted this on her blog a while back which prompted me to do it. If you don't mind, I'm going to "steal" this and post it on my blog (giving credit to you, of course). I get frustrated when someone writes a comment that I want to reply to but I can't because they don't have their e-mail enabled.

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