Picture Perfect - Photo Challenge

Hello fabulous photographers! Since we started the picture perfect, we have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photographs you all take so magically! Our winner of the halloween edition was Kristin, Congrats. Thanks so much for playing, we would have loved to see more get involved and with that being said, we wanted to let everyone know that we have started a group called We Love Photography. It's a great place to share your love for photography, any links to your posts, etc.

We are Hosting the Picture Perfect Weekly Challenge there. Here's how it will work if you'd like to join in:

1.) Upload any Photo in the Group by replying to Week #1 Challenge.

2.) Be creative, edit however you wish, get friends involved by having them reply to their favorite photo, telling us what they love about it {everyone is welcome to give their input}, we will be communicating back and forth giving each other feedback, tips on shots, etc.....a great way to LEARN about PHOTOGRAPHY/PHOTOSHOP.

The Winner will be displayed here on our Picture Perfect Post next Wednesday and You will Also receive $10 cash via paypal plus loads of ways to make new friends, gain followers and have a blast.

Since we must have a photo on this weeks post, we'll start with one of my own. Next weeks will be the winners with links to their blog. If you have any questions, I'll be in the group discussing! ENJOY and HAVE FUN FRIENDS! xoxo


Misty said…
I keep getting an error when I try to join.
Jamie-Leigh said…
@Misty I Keep Getting the Error too :D x

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