The Katie Chronicles

Hi. I'm Katie. You can find me over at The Katie Chronicles

I'm a 28-year-old marine biologist, Ph.D. candidate, photographer, wife, newlywed, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, aunt, friend, woman, UB, dancer, singer, DIYer, blogger, aspiring chef/baker, domestic diva-in-training, yoga addict, music addict, born-and-bred Clevelander, transplanted midwesterner, liberal, Christian with Hindu/Buddhist tendencies, Irish/German/Native American/American mutt, smalltown girl, partner-in-crime, liberal, gay rights activist, tree hugger, environmentalist, scuba diver, beach bum, rock climber, tree climber, idealist, optimist, hopeless romantic, dreamer, doer, fighter, survivor, shark wrestler, "one of the guys", pirate, goofball, troublemaker, adventurer, explorer, world traveler, flirt, volunteer, humanitarian-in-the-making, tomboy, amateur bartender, rum runner, pottymouth, Truebie, BAMF, free spirit, total chameleon, and (according to my mother) a force of nature. It’s a lot to handle, but I’m managing. :)
At the moment, I'm in a pretty interesting spot in my life...
I'm currently working on my Ph.D. in marine biology, and am exploring the world of dissertation papers, laboratory projects, and transitioning from student to someone who will potentially be in some sort of a leadership position, all while working two full time jobs. 
I'm recently married and living with my husband, the first time I've ever lived with a significant other, and am in the process of learning how to navigate married cohabitation without going off the deep end or trying to cash in on life insurance money. We're in the process of saving for our first home and planning for our first child, both hopefully coming about in the next two years. I'm currently trying to manage two major health conditions, one of which I'm stuck with, well, for forever. 
I'm establishing a side career in photography. 
I've recently committed to completing a half marathon (I don't run. At all.) and embarked on a major diet and exercise/life overhaul plan, which has resulted in the discovery that I have a major passion for cooking and home improvement. I'm a serious travel addict, a scuba diver, a yoga addict, and a first-time dog owner. 
As for my blog...I rant and rave sometimes. I'm snarky and sarcastic and I like to make people laugh. I don't beat around the bush, and I have a low tolerance for bull. I do jigs on my soapbox on occasion. I spread the word on things I love, from movies to music to food to housewares to other bloggers. I profess my unabashed love for cheesy horror flicks, cupcakes, chupacabras and Alexander Skaarsgard a lot. I probably cuss a lot more than my mother would find reasonable or acceptable for a grown woman. I say things that you may love or you may hate. Anyone who chooses to read my ramblings is welcome, and I hope that those that do find interest or enjoyment from what I post - whether it be a new recipe you'd like to try or you can take something out of my crazy experiences that can help you. I'm always open to feedback - positive, negative or otherwise - so long as it's respectful.
I hope to see y'all around my neck of the woods, and I'm looking forward to finding new blogs to feed my reading interests! :)


Sweta said…
You had me at marine biologist :D
GeetS said…
u look so beautiful ..nice blog :)
Vivian said…
Are you for reals? What an amazing person you are. So happy I discovered your blog. :) Following!
ChroniclesKatie said…
LOL...yes, I am for reals. So glad to see y'all found me :)

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