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    Hello there lovely readers, my name is Sydney. I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, photographer, lover of smiling, laughing, painting, reading, random things that make a persons day better, and BLOGGING. I have a blog called Forever Dream Photography, to check it out press THiS SpoT HeRe. My most recent and one of my favorite post(because of how much I love a good smile) is what I felt would be perfect to share. It shows my love for taking photos(which is what my blog is all about), shows some great smiles(that I hope will brighten your day), and shows a little about myself since it consist of pictures of my girls, nephews, neice brothers, and myself.

*side note- I totally had Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" stuck in my head while doing this post. You should try and think of it while reading*

    Can I start with explaining that my husband, my girls, and myself smile ALOT. My husband claims I am way to easily amused and entertained, thus easy to make laugh and smile. He also believes our girls have inherited this trait. He ALSO believes we will  never have an unhappy baby because I am always laughing...he said this while I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, I started busting up laughing...can I add that she smiles ALL THE TIME and is the happiest baby EVER! Honestly both my girls, Scarlette and Sienna, tend to go around with smiles on their faces through most of the day, Scarlette just has a talent to express a few OTHER facial expression that could kill you, haha. Anywho, so last night when we were having time goofing off and just being silly I came across the idea to find pictures I love that I have done of SMILES. Who doesn't love a good smile???

ps THIS is my other baby girl Sienna(who ALWAYS smiles)


<--*Side note: Scarlette at 6 months not Sienna

And always remember to Forever Dream!(<-- My tag line I <3 it very much)

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Forever Dream Photography


Sinea Pies said…
You have such a beautiful family! Your baby girl's name is almost like mine. Sinea (pronounced SEENA). People frequently try to spell it like hers...Sienna.
What beautiful pictures! I love it!
missjonquil said…
Toothless grins are always the best
Abby said…
Sweet post! Keep up the good work. A photography business is hard work, well any business is hard work, but with time & patience you can do it! G.L :)
w0nderfuL ph0t0s! ^_^

by the way, can we follow each 0thers' bLogs?

als0 c0nnect with us thru g00gLe

Thank y0u! ϡ
Thank you guys! and Wrey and Robby OF COURSE!!!

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