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Hello! I'm Kristen from KristenDanielleXO
I'm a 20-something blogger who enjoys writing about everything happening in my world... whether it be my latest do-it-yourself craft, a book; I just read and loved, or bragging about my two adorable puppies!
I live in Houston,TX and am in the last year of working towards my Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I want to teach 4th or 5th grade after I graduate, so I hope the job market picks up soon so I can make that dream a reality! I currently work with special needs kiddos at a nearby High School. 

{Brutus & Tucker}
(told you they were cute) 
I also blog about my adventures with my boyfriend, Chris. He's such a great supporter of everything I do... he even reads my blog every now & again. (which is why sometimes I post hints on my blog of things I want for Christmas, Birthday's, etc) So bad, I know! But, hey, some guys just aren't blessed with the git-giving gene. 
Chris & I 
I started blogging two years ago, but didn't decide to make it public until recently. 
I'm addicted now! I love making new friends & the blogging community is such a great avenue for just that.
I also started a new blog dedicated to my journey to a healthier lifestyle which you can check out here.

In this blog, I talk about fitness tips, yummy/healthy recipes, & other health & fitness tid-bits I'm discovering along the way.

I'd be flattered if you stopped by my blog!

As said before, I love making new friends in the blogging world.

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Lozzz123 said…
Sounds interesting! Checking it out now :)

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