Everyday Trish

Hello fellow bloggers (and the people who love them)!  I'm Tricia, but you can call me Trish.  Here I am, making a funny face:
Don't I look like tons of fun?  At least half a ton of fun, I'm sure.    

I'm the owner and writer at a blog called "Everyday Trish."  I'd had other blogs in the past, but none felt quite like me.  So, I sat down and thought about who I am, what I love and the things I'd like to share with the world.  That's when Everyday Trish was born!  I've never felt more at home with a blog before.  I'm 100% me there and it's been liberating to know I have a place to express myself.
So who is Trish and what is Everyday Trish about?  Well, I like to say I'm pleasantly plump, mildly inappropriate and wickedly funny (not necessarily in that order).  I live in Indiana with a boyfriend, our one-eyed dog and five cats.  Yes, five.  We're crazy, not to mention perpetually covered in fur.  Everyday Trish is kind of an extension of our life.  I might air some grievances, post a recipe to something completely fattening (those are the best kind), tell you about something fun we did or just show you things I think are pretty.

Is it random?  You betcha.  Just the way I like it!  And even though I'd be okay if my only reader was my mom, I love it when people stop by and say hello.  Because you know, blogging is as much about making friends as it is about expressing yourself.  

I can't wait to "meet" you! 


Mz E said…
nice intro Trish! Heading over to ya blog! *smile*
Halina said…
Lovely to follow Everyday Trish! :D
Sweta said…
Really lovely blog <3 She is so funny!
Trish said…
Hey, that's my giant head up there! I love it :-D
Well hello Trish! :) She sounds super fun! Off to say hi!

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