Blogging Tip:A quick fix for your blog photos

I was digging around for  a software,Photoshop Actions aside,that would fix up my blog photos when I feel a tad lazy-and I came across Pixlr-matic.We've all had our fair share of Picniking though I have to admit I'm not too pleased with their photo overlays.Hence Pixlr-matic.It installs as an app on Google Chrome but you can access it from the site as well.(It's also available for download on android devices I saw).
Let's check out what it's all about,shall we?
After you go to the site you see a flash based interface-don't worry,it's rather quick to load.
Click on the button that says "computer" and upload your image.

After the photo has been uploaded you see a range of photo effects much like Instagram.Just for fun:Try moving your mouse on the developer tub(i.e on the main picture ;] )
Go crazy selecting the appropriate effect by clicking on each tiny box at the bottom.clicking on them alls moves the strip left and right revealing more effects.After you're done move on to the next screen by clicking on the ">>" button.
You can add a few more effects here-though personally I'll recommend only the Vignette.Or maybe at the most a sunburst or bokehs if you're going for something dramatic yet pretty and not going utterly edit-vomit.Click ">>" to move on to the borders screen where,again,you'll have much to choose from.
A vintage album border?

Something grungy perhaps?
Or the clean rounded corners. Click ">>" to move on to the save screen.

Give the file a name and save it in a convenient location to upload later.It always helps to have a separate folder for blogging images.
I was having to much fun creating this tutorial and went with the flow.There you go-lady gone edit-crazy!
I just did a simple colour edit on this one.Notice the difference in the colour of the sky?

And to this I added a sunburst background and a polaroid border(Nolaroid on Pixlr-matic)The colour effect used is called "Samantha"

Quick,fun stuff eh? Go crazy on those holiday pictures and share the link in your comments below.
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RaeBeth said…
This looks like a great program. The only question I have is: Is this free? How else does it work? Does it store the photo's online in a online library where you can go back to them later? Does it keep a copy of the old picture?
 Curly J said…
Thanks for sharing! I'm curious to try it out and see how it works!
Sweta said…
@RaeBeth:It's totally free!It doesn't have an option to save your pictures online.But then you can always download then to a location after the editing.
@Curly J :Give it a try and let us know!
Bri said…
I've enjoyed using Pixlr for a while but I love the sunburst you added, I've never done that before!
brlracincwgrl said…
Wow, this looks like a great program!
Anonymous said…
How cool! Can't wait to try it out. Oh, and there's an iPhone app for this site as well as the Android app :)
Ty ♥ KeLLs said…
My Sweta :) you're just too awesome ♥
Brianna said…
thank you thank you thank you!! I especially love Aladin/Local on the photos, you're the best! :D
Becky said…
I'm always open to new ideas and programs. Will be looking this baby up ASAP! Thanks yall!
Jenny said…
I found this the other day. I forget how, but it's an awesome app for chrome :D I've been using it A LOT!!
Lisa @ MMT said…
Looks like a cool program! Think I will download it and try it out. Thanks for sharing!
That's so cool. I didn't know about that, thanks for sharing x

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