Blogger tutorial-Personalize with your signature

Hi folks!I'm Sweta and I'll be bringing you easy peasy tutorials to pretty up your blog.
Ready for some DIY?
When we blog we build up a brand-and that brand must have some our essence for a more personalized look and feel: that's why sometimes blogger's "posted by" line is highly insufficient.Let's remedy that shall we?
I'll be guiding you how to create a unique signature with Pixlr and then applying it to your blog.Awesome thing about Pixlr?-I call it the online Photoshop-however, it requires no download,it's free and so easy to use!
 Let's get  it rolling then.
Go to
click on the link that says Open Photo Editor. 
The welcome screen asks you to create a  new document or upload an existing one for editing.Click on create a new image.
The next screen asks you to set the size of the document.A signature is usually moderately small-about 150x150 or the likes.Making it any bigger takes away the attention from the post itself or ends up looking stretched and ugly.
I chose the dimensions 160px in width and 130 px in height.Remember to check the "transparent"  box or the image will have a white background and if your post background isn't white-it ends up looking ungainly.
transparent:double check!
The next screen opens the blank canvas.
Now let's get creating.Click on the type tool- one which is represented by an "A" in the tool box(picture below)

After you type in your text,you can change the font,colour and size of the text.I observed that Pixlr pulls the fonts installed in your computer and allows them to user it in their software.Amazing right?If you prefer a kind of handwritten and whimsy fonts you can go to Kevin and and get the ones you like.For other types of fonts dafont is a great place.(Need help installing fonts on windows?email me!)

Now that we are done editing,let's save the document.Click on "file" fromm the menubar at the top-->then "save".
Save it as a .png in a convenient location as you'll need it for uploading to Photobucket(or any other image host).Saving it as a .png helps it retain the transparent background.Saving it as a .jpeg causes the problem of bringing up a white background.This is true of saving anywhere-whether on Pixlr,Photoshop,GIMP,or any other photo editng program. 
Select.png from the dropdown menu!

Now open Photobucket.Upload the image-->save and continue.(a few more steps to go..)

Now go to your blogger Dashboard and click on Settings.Then click on the "Formatting" sub-tab.
After the formatting page opens,scroll down to where you see the "Post Template" box.The image code will be pasted here.

Now paste this Code:<center><img src="YOUR URL HERE"/></center> in the said box.

Go to Photobucket or any other image hosting site.Upload the image and save.Grab the direct link or the hosted url of your image on the image hosting site. If you're on Photobucket,you can use the following image .

Now replace the words "YOUR URL HERE" in the codes you pasted in blogger with the image code you just grabbed-So it looks somewhat like this:
<center><img src=""/></center>
Be careful that you keep all the brackets and quotation marks intact or you can't save your edits.
Now click on Save and Continue in Blogger and the next time you create a new post,your fresh signature will show up! 

Check mine out LIVE here.
Hope I could teach you something new today!
Questions?Queries?Feedback? Comment below or email me at
Have a great weekend!


Oh my gosh, thank you for that awesome tutorial! I've always wondered how people did that and figured it was something really fancy but now I see that it's fairly simple. Ah, thank you thank you! :)
Sarah said…
Great post!! I am definitely going to be doing this! Thanks so much :)
m_b said…
finally! a tutorial that i understand! thanks so much! :)
Unknown said…
Thanks so much Sweta this is perfect!
Laura (TLN) said…
Great tutorial! I just shared the link to your post at ~Laura
Anonymous said…
Great tutorial! I found one similar online a couple months ago and it worked. The only problem is that I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts (more freedom with fonts, arranging pictures, etc.) and I discovered that even when you update your blog theme on WLW, it doesn't appear on there. But, should I ever need to write a post the old fashioned way on Blogger, I don't have to copy and pasted the code I made :)
Karlie said…
Thank you! Now I don't have to put it on my posts every time!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said…
Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing!!
Blogger said…
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