Black and White Pets Picture Perfect

This weeks Picture Perfect Winner was a tough one. Group Members had to submit a black and white photo of their pets and boy are they cute! This puppy belongs to Daily Relish. Go meet a new friend and check in with a new photography challenge in our fabulous group for this week. {will be up shortly}

Also, please take note that if you don't want to enter challenges or any contests like these, you are MORE than welcome to just share. We love seeing your photos and we also love making new friends throughout the community, so share links to blogs, posts, and mingle with the other awesome members. Enjoy the Day!

PS: This Blog Design Giveaway is still open until Friday. Go Enter.
PSS: This Scrapbooking Giveaway is still open, and even if you don't care for the gift, share your most cherished memory.


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