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Hello my friends!! My name is Stephanie Kelley and I blog over at My Creative Brightside. I blog about all things crafty, delicious and fabulous. Today in honor of FTLOB feature week I would like to present you with this mouth watering recipe I concocted for a Fall after dinner treat. Well eating this pizza hot or cold, morning or night will surely get you smiling.
You call that a pizza? Well, yes I do. That way I can feel less guilty about eating it!! I was over at my sister-in-laws house where she had just made a trio of grilled pizzas and we were contentley watching a British comedy when...I wanted peanut butter, chocolate, banana, and whipped cream. It just so happened she had extra dough (which she had made from scratch...even ground the wheat berries!!) and a brilliant idea came to me. Lets just throw it all together. What do you say? That way my hubby couldn't give me the look because we would all enjoy it together :) Here is a easy peasy Fall dessert recipe for you!!

Nanadoodle Pizza

Ingredients and directions all in one plain and simple
* Gather enough pizza dough to spread evenly into a pie baking dish
*Spread peanut butter all around
*Sprinkle chocolate chips over the pb
*Slice 1 Banana and cover chocolate
*Sprinkle cinnamon mixed with sugar all over

*Bake 10-15min
*Whip up your own cream or use store bought and add a huge dollop on top
*Eat and enjoy with some milk. Im excited for you :)

For more recipes check out my blog and follow along at My Creative Brightside.
xoxo Stephanie Kelley


KSK said…
That looks really good! :) *ANd I love the name!
Anonymous said…
totally love the name as well! :) looks yum
You had me at chocolate chips.

I bet that is to die for!! Mmmm!!

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