My Sunglasses See Rockstars

my life isn't perfect by no means, so why pretend? in my opinion, that is what makes living beautiful. i don't believe in planning what your going to do day-by-day, that's just silly in my opinion. your days should be filled with surprises: life isn't a destination, it's a journey. 
maybe on monday im on top of the world, tuesday i maybe still stuck on saturday, wednesday im feeling clever, thursday i had a bad day and so on. so that is what i love to ramble about and i love to make you laugh so hard your drink comes out bursting out your nose, so come take a walk inside my mind sometime. i'll share with you my unexpected oopsie daisies, my silly quirky/clever moments, what i think about this & that, what is nikki sixx blabbing about this time? and what rock legends inspire me. im an open book. im unwritten. and if you haven't guessed yet im a total rock and roll addict. obsessed with steven tyler and stars and my loverboyfran garrett. and i truly believe ima rockstar.

my name is callie and im the creator of the blog my sunglasses see rockstars.
im also a newbie to the blog world, but i have always had a knack for writing. i also write poetry that comes straight from my heart that i will share on a whim. i want to remember every single memory i can, and though it may seem like im sharing it all, im really not. some memories are mine all mine that i will keep hidden in my pocket but i will share a few of my most favorites.

i have a cat named jovi who thinks she is a dog and i give her koolaid because she is so cool. yes, she is named after bon jovi, of course she is!

: )


Ria Tumimomor said…
and yes you are a rockstar
Anonymous said…
: ) and so are you! Thanks so much!
Near said…
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