I Dream Loudly

Hey, blog lovers. I'm Kate Rowan, and I blog at I Dream Loudly.
I'm a 25yr old chicky who just went and had a baby come out of her. I know, how typical. I don't have your average blog that is inundated with babyness, though. My son, Leif, just happens to pop up in the conversation simply because I am a stay at home mom. I stay at home because my husband is pretty awesome, and because I simply don't get along with anyone long enough to want to work for/with them. I am investigating the life of a free spirited blogger......or just a really poor person who writes too much.
This was me a about 2 months ago. I was super pregnant, and took to lounging in the river near my house because looking like a hippo was something I could do without much of a problem. Luckily I also have a sister who knows how to use a camera, and she made me look less like a hippo, and more like a model. How nice for me, right? At this point I was crazy to have my baby because my ankles were swollen, I was walking like a horse with joint problems, and I was eating everything around me. It was getting ridiculous.
Then I went and had a baby! Woot! Of course, it was bloody miserable, a good solid 24 hours of body wracking pain. But I got a cute baby out of the whole deal, and my parents got my husband crying on camera, so it was totally worth it. That was a month ago. I have since lost 25 lbs in 2 weeks.....woah, right? I should look killer, but I'm pretty sure the last 5 lbs I gained went right to my boobs, which in some cases can be good, but not for me. Nope. Not at all. The rest of me is sorta all in the wrong places. My liver is still migrating out of my lung cavity, where it went to hide from baby kicking it. What fun! There is so much about making a human being that people don't tell you!
So, now I have this tiny human being who decided to have jaundice and turn the color of a carrot. Awkward for me, that's for sure. People kept asking if I was married to one of those creepy short guys from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. NO, thank you. My baby is going with a snazzy color scheme right now, ok?!?! Jeeze!

Baby Leif has since mellowed out a bit, but its been fun learning that he can and will pee up the back of his pj's just because. He also does a great job of making a squeak that wakes me up out of the deepest sleep ever, just to find him smiling. The joys of motherhood! Since I am home with him all the time, I get to blog, nap and change diapers. Oh, and take pictures of him looking like General Akbar from Star Wars:
I am a really lucky mom because he is a ridiculously easy baby, and he generates plenty to blog about. I swear, some of it might be book material! Really! He is super serious, and will probably be a diplomat. Or a senator. Something like that. I mean, look at that face! So disapproving! His tiny invisible eyebrows are so intense! He just wants to get up and give a speech!

Anyways, all of this is a really good reason to come to my blog, and follow. Or tell the world about me, because I need a real reason I refuse to do anything but work from home. I love to write about other things too, like how to piss off religious people, my chore lists, being a Pisces, how to keep your crumbling pelvis together, and more! I swear, It really is good sometimes.

Come see me. I love me some visitors, and will share with you the virtual gooey brownie that is my life. Muah.

I Dream Loudly

And finally, my button. Take it, I don't need it!

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Salonie said…
Hahaha. You sure seem like an interesting person - I loved the introduction thing on top.

*clicks link to look at blog*

Cheers :)

Erin O'Riordan said…
Kate, your sister did a great job on that photo - it's really beautiful.
Congratulations on being a mom! Enjoy, have fun. Good for you and the baby. Love meeting you here at FTLOB.
Jeri Lynne said…
Oh, now that just made me seriously laugh my arse off! Glad to see you at FTLOB, and definitely heading to check out your space. Your preggo pic is incredible! Have a lovely weekend!
Jen Martinez said…
Hehe love this post, so funny and great pics! x
Blogger said…
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