How to Link Pages to Posts

Hey Dolls! So many emails and questions came in on how to link a page directly to the posts. If you are a fashion blogger who needs all of your fashion outfits to link from a page or if you need your photography posts linked to a page then this tutorial is just for you!

Take a look at our sidebar under Things We Do:
These are called Labels, Tags, Categories or whatever you wish to call them. We label all of our Posts so that it's easier for you to find them and participate. When you label your posts, they will all come up under that category. So when you click on that label, you'll see this:
It brings up all those posts related to that topic. Much easier for linking your own pages as well. To label all of your posts;

Go to: Posting, Edit Posts, Labels is Located on the Bottom Left Hand Side:
Type in your label and be SURE to Publish Post.

You now have your labels. Remember to do this to each new post as well. Your labels will show up on the left side of your edit posts, for easy editing.

To make it easier for you to grab the Label URL for linking pages and such, be sure to add them to your sidebar:

Go to Design, Add a Gadget, Scroll Down and Add Labels to your sidebar, Save.

Now when creating a page link, you can scroll to your labels, click the label you wish to share on a page and grab the URL from your browser: it should look something like this:

Create your button that you'll be linking for your page and link to your labels. Or you can add your page links under your header as a navigation bar by going to:

Design, Add a Gadget (under the header), Link List, Add Your Links here and they will look great, linking to your outfit/photography/etc... posts!

Good Luck, let us know if it works for you.


Unknown said…
Well written. Great tip.
Vanessa Morgan said…
Thanks! Just what I needed.

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