Featured Blog: The Weekend File

Hello Friends! I am Hayley. You might know me from my blog The Weekend File, but some of you might not! I have been blogging for almost a year now (Happy Birthday bloggy!) and focus mostly on my life and style. I am from Southern California and live with my adorable Cockapoo puppy Lewis, and engineer boyfriend, G. I am a part time barista, which helps keep costs down on my coffee addiction (I know some of you know what I mean!) and is honestly something I really enjoy doing! I love fashion, style, and shopping but I do it all affordably. I enjoy mixing and matching with what I have and being constantly inspired and finding new ideas from other blogs and blog friends! 

We also recently bought a 1950's mid century house in one of my favorite cities right by the beach! I cant wait to share our renovation ideas, projects, and decorating that will go into it. So if you haven't come by, please do and say "HI!". There are also the occasional DIY's, recipes, giveaways and incredibly cute photos of my pup. You can also catch up with me on Twitter or Pinterest or even connect to my blog on Bloglovin'


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