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Hi everyone!  I am Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos.  I initially began blogging back in 2008, but quit for a while only to begin picking it back up regularly in early 2011.  Blogging became my outlet from corporate world and a place where I could share my frivolous purchases, random travels, and basically anything that popped into my mind. 
 My life took a huge turn in late June when I decided to quit my job, donate my belongings, and move my dog, Jax, and I from America to Norway to be with my boyfriend (whom I met a while back in Las Vegas, because apparently in my crazy world that is normal).  I currently have no job and am starting Norwegian classes and learning to adapt to living in a new land, all while trying to ensure I can still see American football games this fall.  I am also hoping my college degrees and MBA classes don't get wasted in the process...
I have really enjoyed the interactions I have had with people through my blog and love when people pop by and say hello!  To follow my current adventures, please stop by my blog A Suitcase and Stilettos.

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Meg.. is one of my favorite bloggy buddies... xxxx Just as cute & sweet IRL
Theme Wedding said…
You have a nice informative blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with us !!!
TexaGermaNadian said…
She is amazing! Ya'll go visit 'Norway' now :)

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