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Hey everyone!  My name's Heather and I blog over at Relevant Notes.

I'm a graduate student in Pittsburgh studying Computer Science.  (This basically means I'm a total nerd.)  Like any good grad student, I'm addicted to coffee.  I love "cool" colors, especially lime green, and color-coding makes me happy.  I can be really impatient.  I may or may not watch too much television on Hulu.  I may or may not eat too much chocolate.  To-do lists are totally my thing.  I have an awesome family and boyfriend.  I'm allergic to the world, including guinea pigs.

The picture below?  Oh, that's just where I live - no big.

 Just kidding!  I traveled to Ireland last spring with my best friend - one of the best weeks ever.  We traveled around by foot and by bus, ate fish and chips every day, got lost once and cried, and climbed a ridiculously tall tower.  I was most excited to try a chip buddy (french fries and mayo on a hoagie roll).  Interesting, to say the very least...

I started my blog a little under a year ago, and I've been loving getting to be a part of this awesome community!  Relevant Notes is just a collection of observations and ramblings from me, your average college girl.  The name comes from my love of music - I used to set every post to a different song lyric, and while I don't do it all the time any more, I still get a lot of inspiration from the songs I listen  to!

Check out more over at my blog, grab my button below, follow me on Twitter @RelevantNotes, or find me on Pinterest (I mostly pin wedding stuff and recipes involving avocados... weird?).   Can't wait to meet you all!



I absolutely adore her house! HEH. I mean that crazy cool castle in Ireland. Nice!

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