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Hi I'm Jade from The Letter 4! I wanted to share a quick tip I recently started....
I hate when I buy precious fruits and veggies and they go to waste.  I am on a constant lookout for ways I can help my family be healthier, but sometimes (I'm sure many of you have felt this) I feel like I am in the kitchen ALL DAY LONG.  You spend time for one meal, clean up, and then its ready for snacks, then you get that ready, clean up, and its time for the next meal.  Right?  So, I started doing this a while back and I just wanted to share how easy and healthy it has made my life and my kids.  
I love using vegetables and fruit for snacks, smoothies, and of course for cooking, but I hate the prep they take every single time we eat, so I decided that after I did my weekly grocery trip, I would prep all my veggies and fruits that needed cutting up or washed, or whatever they needed and pop them in a bag or tupperware, then I could open the fridge, grab anything and it's ready to eat, cook, or blend.  I have noticed by doing this I save myself a lot of time, we eat fruits and vegetables more often, and nothing goes to waste.
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Thanks for the tip! I definitely need to work on this! I bet it does help with the veggie and fruit amounts that get used! :)

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