Featured Blog: Just a Little Bit Louder

"show me how pretty the world is,

cuz i want something just a little bit louder."

~matt nathanson, pretty the world.

i'm stephanie.

i love the color pink. i mean i REALLY love the color pink.

exhibit a:

life is too short not to adventure. "3x5" by john mayer is my theme song. on some days. i have a lot of them.

exhibit b:

as a reward for surviving a really difficult biological family, God blessed me with a phenomenal non-biological family. we love, laugh and learn with each other like nobody's business. there are too many miles between us. the last time we were all together was this picture the summer of 2010.

exhibit c:

so anyway, i blog about life. and love. and laughter. and learning. there's more to life than we settle for, and i want to live life in a daringly passionate way. that's why i named my blog after that matt nathanson lyric. i want it all justalittlebitlouder.


Colleen said…
I also have a lot of theme songs and a rather wacked bio-fam. Nice to meet you!
I really love the pink in your blog page. Gorgeous! You sound like having a lot of fun.

Nice to know you!

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