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Hello, my dears! Hannah here, from Hannah Explains It All
Bridal; me. San Francisco me. Paper cut-out me. And me, a la Eve; in the garden.
As a little girl, I kept more than one journal at a time. Don't ask me why, but I did. I also colored a lot -- mostly things like ballerinas and elephants. So when I left California for Texas for college, studying journalism and art simultaneously was only natural.

Then, in po-dunk Texas, I fell in love with a Cuban boy from Florida. Soon after we were married. And then, my friends, my love-affair with my blog began.

What started as a good way to practice my writing (not so much a cutesy look-how-happy-I-am-married blog) quickly developed into a way to both be inspired and inspire others. Now, I blog about all things life: the adventures, the disappointments, the things that inspire, the questions, the miracles and the trials. I love it all, and I cover it all.

Want to know more? Pull up a chair and stay a while. I'd love to hear from you.



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Anonymous said…
Congrats on the feature, Hannah! :) Love your blog.
Hannah said…
aw, i love hannah from HEIA! she has a super rad first name ;)
Hannah said…
Thank you, ladies! Excited to see my own post here, too!
Congrats on your feature Hannah! Is it just me, or do others think you look like a young Angelina Jolie??
Hannah said…
Angelia, I've heard it only a few times...but every time is just as flattering! Thank you, thank you!
Sherms said…
How wonderful! Congrats xx

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