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Hello everyone! I'm Yvonne. I have a blog -just like you! My blog has a name. That name is Half Past Wonderful. Why did I start blogging? I got rid of facebook (and have since gotten it back)! Then I decided I really, really liked blogging so I kept it up. At first I had no idea how or what to blog about, I'm not that interesting!

I'm 24 and I am not married and have 0 kids which I used to think was
normal for my age ..then I started reading blogs. WOW! I am way behind in terms of starting a family compared to a lot you bloggers. It's okay though because I have a great boyfriend and an awesome puppy dog. Someday I will elope ..best part?! You guys will get to read about it!

Oh, and don't worry ..photos like the above are RARE on the blog. In all our 4 years together, this is the first time I could convince the boyfriend& dog to do a photo shoot with me! So no worries about your sweet meter exploding while reading my site. It is, however, filled with some pretty great (if I do say so myself) photos of what the world is like in my part of the world -Cape Breton. Recently voted #1 island in North America& #3 in the world! 

I'm just trying to make in the photography world. It is a new found love of mine. I have a Canon Rebel XS and photoshop. Sometimes my photos are spectacular and sometimes they aren't. As I improve, though, I'm becoming more and more willing to do portraits of others. It is hard work trying to learn photography but I'm catching on and my blog is a good time line of my progression! If photography is an interest of yours at all, my site should hold your attention for at least a little while!

I also love horses, running, exercise in general, driving and lots of other random things! Sometimes I combine two of my interests (like photos of horses) and sometimes I talk about things I don't like at all! If any of this sounds even remotely appealing to you, come on over to my side of things ;D


You're not that late girlie!! I'm older than you are and just got married after being with my hubs for over 5 years! Two dogs, no kids here! :) Love that pic of the horse!
TriGirl said…
Yay! Glad to see Yvonne get featured :D She's fun and a talented photographer!

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