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Well hi there!

I'm Erinn and I blog at As it were or even it weren't.

Pretty much, I'm an extremely random human being. I recently wrote a post that was described as "ADD, in a good way" and that is kind of how I like to describe myself. I can be silly and unfocused frequently in a Peter Pan sort of way.

Luckily I have my extremely grounded Navy husband to keep me rooted to this life. 

there he is! 
And he usually has a microbrew in hand with the monsters (our scottie and our mini schnuazer) in his lap so this picture is a good representation of him. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary and everyday is certainly an adventure. For anyone who watches How I Met Your Mother, there is a quote from that which I like to use in order to describe us a couple. It goes something like this (definitely not verbatim)

"There are those couples who really support each other in everything they do, and then there are those couples who challenge each other."

We are the latter and it definitely makes things hard sometimes but neither of us settle for anything but the best from each other and I personally wouldn't want it any other way. 
As for my blog, you may expect that it jumps around a lot which is true. However, I do say sensible things from time to time regarding my feeling on serious issues. I graduated with a degree in Anthropology after all and to not put it to use is a waste of an out-of-state tution education. 

Other big parts of my life found in my blog include dance (think modern dance not club dance), being from Alaska, trying to find employment, ranting/raving, food, and book reviews from time to time.

Anywho, come onby and look around. Looking forward to connecting with new bloggers out there :)


I love that the dogs go camping too. I really want to take my dogs. She's from Alaska? That is so cool!!

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