Cheap Wine and Cookies

      Crunchy, Hippie, Bohemian, Tree Hugging, Dirt Worshipping, Flippant, Full Time Working, Non Crafting, M16 Toting, UU Pagan, Feminist, Marine Lawyer Mom seeks friends and followers for snarky remarks and lively discussion.
Man, I am such a tool sometimes. 
      Cheap Wine and Cookies is exactly like every other everyday life Mommy Blog out there.  It's plastered with pictures of 1 year old Flintstone and 9 year old Punky.  (Though UNlike every other Mommy Blogger out there I am not an aspiring photographer and my pictures are amateurish and hastily snapped).

      "Daddy, if you were my kid, I'd leave you on the train."
      It's filled with anecdotes of the one who roped me into this "married" life my loving partner, MacGvyer.
      Me (from the spare room):  "Why is there a new air compressor hidden behind the garage sale boxes?"
      It is regularly updated with all of my cute crafts, decorating ideas and tips, and home organization strategies.
      Sorry, that last one was a big, fat lie.  Though it is occasionally peppered with tales from the trenches of being an [often more than] full time working mother and wife struggling to keep up with all my full time mommy counterparts.

      I like to think I'm funny, but I'm probably not.  I AM flippant and real.  I am not a pretentious attorney and my blog is not about my legal practice nor my career.  I blog about whatever piques my interest in a given moment, be it something hilarious one of my kids did, or the latest headlines.  I try to keep things light and upbeat, but I also touch on topics I care about like breast-feeding, natural childbirth and parenting, healthy living, why people shouldn't be total douches, and Ethical Eating.
      I've recently launched three sub-pages for my blog: 
      Ethical Eating - about using the way we eat to make the world a better place;
      Recipes - because I have a raging, neurotic slight cooking and nutrition obsession.
      The Family That Reads - because books (and magazines, journals, articles, cereal boxes . . .) rock my world.
      The blog is called Cheap Wine and Cookies because those are two of my very favorite things in the world.  I love my blog community and I always try to comment back and am very devoted to my regular followers.
       I'm a UU Pagan, but I embrace all paths.  I'm a Marine but I detest war.  I'm a lawyer on a mission to do good.  I'm a crunchy almost-vegan hippie with a slight cheese addiction.  I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, 5 chickens, a bunch of fish, a slightly eccentric inventor husband, and an inner child who tends to get the upper hand.  And I'd love to meet you.


Kristina said…
What a REAL intro post! I love it! :) I am heading over
Freckles said…
Woohoo Colleen!! I love your blog!!
I'm in love with this intro, heading to your blog now

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