Twitter Party Thursday with Strawberry and Kumquat Caipirinha

I'm pretty sure we can all agree that a nice glass of this Strawberry and Kumquat Caipirinha looks mighty refresh after a long week of work, eh? Let's relax and mingle in a Twitter Thirsty Thursday Hop shall we?! Today I'm going to make this as easy breezy as possible and combine the two. If you have a twitter account, please link that first--if you wish to link your blogs be SURE to write in the text area that it's a blog- ex: For The Love of Blogs: Blog'll make things less confusing.  

Today's Highlighted TWEEP should be in our FIRST spot, so if you arrive here first, be kind enough to add this pretty lady @createwithjoy1 and follow her fabulous tweets and blog. We will be on as much as possible @ohprettyful, @datssocute, @scenicglory and hope to see you all there! Enjoy and Mingle friends.

If you wish to grab buttons, head here. If you wish to add this linky directly to your post today, just click the GET CODE HERE! Have a great day all.


Ai Sakura said…
hi! thanks for hosting this.
I've helped to add @createjoy1, @ohprettyful, @dassocute and @scenicglory *phew*

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
Anonymous said…
thank you Ai, you're the best! xoxo have a super fab day!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for hosting this awesome hop every week :) Have a Happy Thursday everyone!
Sassy said…
Sorry this is my first blog hop....not really sure what I am doing:) You have 8 minutes is a BLOG!! Thanks for hosting such a cool hop!
Madalyn said…
Hi there thanks for hosting! Have a great day!


Create With Joy said…
Thank you for the feature - I found out thru all of the awesome "tweets" this morning when I logged in!

Have a fabulous day and I will be catching up with everyone as the day progresses!

Clayton Thomas said…
Thanks for posting this. Hope you are doing well!


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