Featured Blog- The Story of Us

Hey Everyone!  I'm Ashlee from The story of us.

Who Am I? 
Why Do I Blog?
Plain and simple I blog because I lost the majority of my friends due to getting married and having a kid.  They aren't ready to have this kind of life style so we have just drifted apart.  So, I use this as my outlet to vent, ask for advice and mostly brag about my child. 

What Will You Find On My Blog?

I spend most of my posts talking about Maddux and my experiences as a new momma.  I also try to really let my readers get to know me so, you'll also see some random posts about me, my marriage & my life in general. 

Meet My Family.


Fun! Like how you broke it down by each family member! :) Congrats on the feature today!
Anonymous said…
Its nice to meet you! grats on the feature :) looking forward to checking out your blog :)

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