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My name is Sarah Ann NoelI didn't always use my middle name. But then I married into a family where I became the fourth Sarah Noel. So in the interest of originality, Sarah Ann Noel it shall be. As my husband likes to say, I'm a lot of things for a girl. I write, mostly. I style. I plan. I organize. I design. I work. I love life. I also like things neat and orderly unless they're supposed to be messy. That's a lot of angles. So my blog, Reverie, is where I kind of bring everything together.

Despite all those many interests, I'm a writer first and foremost. I used to think that, as a writer, my blog should reflect my writing career. I do a lot of book reviews and link to features I do for magazines. And I offer up some thoughts on writing. But in the past year, I realized that the best way to blog as a writer is simply to write, to showcase skill without having to talk about it. I'd say that realization transitioned my blog to a "lifestyle" blog. I simply like to tell stories!
The gent, Trevor, and I are married, and have been for nearly three years. We live in Denver, which we LOVE, and many of my stories are about our town and our lovely life in it.
We have a pup, Roscoe, and he makes many an appearance. Plus, we have a daughter, just born this year! She's taking up a lot of my blog these days, awesome stories like her first smile or her first time eating cereal. My perspective on motherhood grows every day, and every Friday I write a feature called "Mom Notes," memories I have about my childhood and how they tie into mothering.
But like I said before, I've got a lot of angles. And so a visit to my blog might also be a little rant, a piece of fashion, another blogger I found, something that is inspiring me, or tidbits of travel. We're all people with lots of interest and personality, and I hate limiting myself to one category. We're so much more than that!

I hope you can pop by and visit our dreamy Denver life. I love sharing it and meeting new friends too!


Anonymous said…
such a cute blog! Following now :)
Anonymous said…
Looks like a great mom blog, off to check it out!

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