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Real Life is about the little things, the mundane, the small moments as well as the big. I'm trying to capture it all.

This is me, Hilary. I am a young mom, learning as I go. I'm not afraid to say things are hard, or that I'm not supermom. I'm a full-time working mother, and balancing my life with family and work and logging it all consumes most of my time. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I do not do the cooking. There, I said it.
This is my husband, Brian, who keeps me sane and laughs at me when I am taking pictures of every. single. step. of cheesemaking or digging holes. He's the one that doesn't take life too seriously and enjoys every moment. I strive to be more like him.
We have a son, Jameson, a petite little baby always trying for the next big thing before he can do it on his own. I've already taught him how to smile on command by having a constant camera in his face. He's all gums, going on two teeth. He hates rocking chairs and gliders, but loves the swing outside.
And here is our dog, Sasha, who reminds me daily that in the end, life is all about the people you love. Neither Jameson nor Sasha realize exactly how big she is. She thinks she is a 140 pound lap dog.
In the span of a year, Brian and I were married, moved and had a baby. In the midst of this chaos, I write. I hope you'll join our journey: commiserate in the sad, share happiness in the joy, and maybe just a nod of acknowledgement in the everyday of life.


Erinsgobragh said…
Those pics are amazing!
nicolewian said…
This is one adorable baby!
How adorable are they!!! Sasha and Jameson!
Madison said…
These photos are just too adorable thank you for sharing them!!

Anonymous said…
The pictures are just too cute!
WHat a beautiful baby! I need to check out this blog!
Anonymous said…
He's soooo adorable! I had to go through her whole blog yesterday, because I couldn't stop looking at that cute baby! :)
hilary said…
Thanks everyone! It was so fun to be featured! I really love all the comments, thanks so much :)
Anonymous said…
Aww, I absolutely love that last picture!!
Angelia Sims said…
Your baby is so sweeet! Love the photos of him in the hat and holding his toes. Awwh!

You've done a lot in the first year of marriage, but maybe, it's best to get all the stuff done first. :-)

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