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Sweaty is NOT My Real Name

I started blogging sometime during March 2011, thanks to my best friend, Ms. Lips, who thought I had too much time on my hands and suggested I spent it by writing all my neurotic rants and ramblings on a blog.  I’ve always loved reading and writing, so I thought, “Why not?”

A few days and many, many frustrating hours later, I managed to set up a blog with some little bit of sanity intact.  Never been much into computers except to do online shopping and check on my emails before, I arrived in Blogosphere pretty much dazed and confused.  What the heck is a widget?  Is html a short for something? Grab what? “Grab Button?” Pages, posts, sidebar, header, and footer… are they some kind of rhythmic lyrics, like “head, shoulder, feet and toes, feet and toes!” kinda thing?

And here I thought I was just going to sit down, write some stuff, click send, the end.

I had some fun when it came to naming my blog.  After receiving those Don't Sweat the Small Stuff books as presents for like the zillionth time, it was only natural if I wanted those people who gave them to me to, err, f*ck off.  Obviously I'm still as anal as ever, even after owning the most updated set of Don't Sweat books outside of Amazon.com.  So as a gesture of my gratitude (Not!) to those people, I decided to call my blog, DO Sweat the Small Stuff (i.e. f*ck off).

Note to all: Giving Self-Help Books as Birthday or Christmas presents is a vile idea. No matter how good your intentions are.

Yes, to me, small stuff matters. Which is probably why I’m neurotic and anal-retentive, but hey…  Remember one of the first things the adults taught us about the birds and the bees, when they finally revealed the scientific version to us innocent kids?  It only takes one little swimmer...
So there you go, littlest things count!
Sweaty, according to my 6.5 year old

How I came to be Sweaty from Do Sweat the Small Stuff was unplanned.  I knew from the start that I wanted to remain anonymous because that’s the only way I could be honest.  I’m way too chickenshit to reveal both my identity and what goes on in my head at the same time.  Besides, I have this paranoia that somehow random people would find out where I live and start throwing rotten eggs at my house, or more specifically, at my forehead.  Calling myself "the Princess," or some exotic fake name like "Veruschka" didn’t seem to match the whole Do Sweat the Small Stuff theme.   So given the limited choice I have, I settled with Sweaty.   Either that, or the other choice would be calling myself “the Small Stuff.” Err, no.

Another thing worth mentioning is that my blog has a lot to do with me being narcissistic and thinking what goes on in my head is worth mentioning. Add to that my propensities towards the hysterics and my obsessive compulsive tendencies.  My best friend Ms. Lips is right, I needed to vent some of them out before I drove people around me straight to mental rehabs.

I have high hopes that my blog may be therapeutic for some people.  Who knows, by comparing their thoughts to the thoughts found in my blog, those who had lived their lives thinking they're insane, might actually regain confidence in their sanity.   In other words, unless you start thinking that my thoughts *are* your thoughts, you're pretty much safe.  Hey, it’s like, free mental health assessment!

If you are up for the roller coaster ride, visit me at
Do Sweat the Small Stuff.  It’s at http://dosweatthesmallstuff.blogspot.com.   Hope to see many of you there, because believe me, I know.  I check the numbers, like, every. single. day hour.

Even better, if you also grab my button and post it on your blog. I would love that very much.

For tweeters, you can tweet me at @dosweatthesmall.

For Facebook fans, I have an FB Fan Page that's constantly in need of more Likes. It's at http://facebook.com/dosweat, or if you want the shortcut, here it is:

Yep, I came prepared. LOL.

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Well alright! :) Sounds like as good a reason to blog as any! haha! Thanks for all the contact info!!
InspiringAlways said…
Hello from Singapore!

Love your honesty and sense of humor. You sound such a fun girl.

Great post. You made me laugh.
Colie's Kitchen said…
Hi this is Nicole from Colie’s Kitchen I just discovered your blog and wanted to drop by and say hi. I am now a new follower. I would love to have you stop by Colie’s Kitchen if you get a chance. www.colieskitchen.com
Salonie said…
All the best with the blogging!

Madalyn said…
Good Luck Blogging!


TigerEyes2001 said…
Hi! New follower! I hope you'll come by my blog and follow back. Thanks! :) Through the Eyes of a Tiger

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