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Hi, my name’s Amanda from anthropomorphity. All the links in here, they'll take you to an actual blog post- exciting, I know. I’m a 17 year old girl obsessed with fashion, writing and music. I find my inspiration in nature and the little joys in life as well as in sadness and the darker side- which is usually the most beautiful. I can often have a weird, sarcastic sense of humor and my bark is always worse than my bite. Are you scared yet? Everyone says I’m so very intimidating as I tower over them at a grand five feet tall.
You kept reading? Awh, you’re so sweet. My “intimidating-ness” (do like that word I just made up?) is actually a bad case of the shy-girl-who-doesn’t-get-in-everyones-face-and-annoy-the-heck-out-of-them-and-she’s-smart-so-she-must-be-stuck-up. Right now I bet there are a large handful of you who are sadly relating to this condition. Don’t be fooled! I can be very outgoing and very loud. I love to spend time with my friends and my dog, Misty who I adore.
Alright, enough rambling (which I also do a lot of). Here are some random things I bet you are just dying to know:

--I love music. I love to sing and if you ever catch me trying to play piano, guitar or ukulele- you would agree that I have a long way to go on those ones. Occasionally I will post a video of me actually playing/singing something but those are very rare and you’ve got to keep an eye out for ‘em!

--I shop, and I shop a lot. I love clothes, accessories, shoes, thrifting, just everything about clothes. I enjoy spending hours going through magazines and tearing pages out with outfits I want to re-create. My mom thinks it’s a great use of my time too.
--I love animals and am an almost two year vegetarian. I’ve had my dog in my life since I was four and she is my best friend. I am a dog person, but I like cats too. No discrimination here.

--I like to create. I have a sewing machine I need to use more, I have a newfound love of crocheting and some very exciting jewelry ideas. I am also in the works of opening up an etsy account. I’ve got to make some money somehow...
All in all, I’m just a friendly, compassionate, creative, sometimes hyper, “intimidating” girl sharing my mistakes and life with the world. So, I would love if you all would join me on my adventures and misadventures of getting the hang of my crazy life. It may seem kind of dull to the average eye, but to me, nothing is dull…. but then again that could just be my easily entertained mind speaking.

Love, Amanda

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:) Sounds a little like me at 17! Fun, fun! Congrats on the feature girlie!
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