Welcoming Our New Blog of the Month

Congratulations Michelle, you're our new blog of the month.

Michelle loves writing and taking pictures. Blogging is her creative outlet, she likes meeting new faces and sharing her life with her friends {you!}. Her dog Brandi always makes her smile, who wouldn't love a dog this cute;
Stop by if you don't know Michelle yet and join her on her journey.
If you are new to our site, each month we nominate our famous bloggers for the title 'Blog of the Month' , you cannot nominate yourself but you can ask your friends to come leave a comment here telling us how lovely you truly are.

We used to cast votes towards the end of the month for our nominees but the choice will be ours from now on. We've gotten a little fuss and unfair feelings, so I'm going to be changing our contests from now on. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel like this site is unfair, because it is far from it.

You can now read the new rules for Blog of the Month and Nominate your fave HERE

Michelle, your new banner under the sponsors will be up shortly! xoxo


Michelle said…
OMG!!! I'm honored! Thank you so so much! This more than made my day, it made my month! I love blogging and I'm so happy that people enjoy my blog too! THANK YOU! XOXO
melody-mae said…
congrats on being blog of the month!!!! :) I am off to visit this amazing blog now! :)
CONGRATS Michelle!!! Enjoy your month! :)
Slidecutter said…
Many congrats to you, Michelle!

Just love Brandi! What a sweetie!
Michelle said…
thank you all! xoxo

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