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Come post your blog/business/button on A Taste of T

Now that I'm a Mom, I realize that sometimes things like advertising get put on the back burner. That's why I've created 'You Call It' Ads.  Beginning in August, you send me your 200x150 button and donate whatever you'd like for the listing. There's really NO price range. If nothing is all you want to donate, that's fine, just send me your button and I'll start promoting your business. This is zero risk, high reward.

Things A Taste of T has:
  • Good readership and visibility
  • Entertaining content
  • Space for your ad
  • A passion for promoting your blog/business
Things You Have:
  • A really great blog or business (or both)
  • A voice that needs to be heard
Why We Should Make the Magic Happen:
  • I have the space,  you have the blog/business. Lets do this!
Wouldn't it be great if you could do this elsewhere?  Yes I'd like a brand new Mercedes Benz please. Yes for $10. Thanks. You know that air conditioning bill you sent me last month. I'd like to only pay a third of it. Thanks. Hey, you know how you delivered my baby for a few grand last month. I'd really like you to just zero that bill out and give me this baby as a gift. We cool?
Well, why don't you start here with this awesome deal and we'll work on the rest of the world. 

Ready to get started?  Click here

if you'd like a sponsor me post please send to bloglove at aol dot com


becca said…
what a great idea

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