Prompt Me... week 2

I hope this space is inspiring you to write!  I think it's a fun way, because I know I have days that I need to get a little boost.

This weeks topic: Vacation
 Today's prompt: My most memorable Vacation was
No matter what you do for vacation whether it be going to the beach, over seas, camping or whatever you do, tell us about it!
We hope these inspire you to get a post out when you're having trouble getting a post out.
Each week will be different, and if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment, we'll be happy to feature them.
Also when you are done, please link up to exact post, we'd love to read! This link up will run for 1 week, please don't add any other posts that don't follow these prompts.

Have fun and enjoy!


Sonishka said…
Thanks for hosting ;-) I love your second photo, looks like miniature!
Have a great weekend, Sonishka.
hayley.jay said…
I'm glad I linked up. FYI-the Linky tools wouldn't allow me to choose a photo, even under the correct sizes...don't know if it's doing that for anyone else :) But other than that, great prompt...excited to check out the others :)
Lil Muse Lily said…
Thank you for inspiring me to write the Barcelona post I have been wanting to do for so long. It was one of my favorite vacations and one of my favorite cities!

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