Make Art E-Course : Promotional Post

"make art a part (of your life)" is an eight week e-course that will assist you in opening your eyes, your mind and your heart - to art. art can be so many things - beautiful, enlightening, brazen and breath-taking. it can also be disturbing, intimidating, alienating or largely ignored. the material in the course covers everything you can imagine when it comes to bringing art into your life, from the history of art and visiting galleries with friends, to falling it love with it and how to hang it at the perfect height in your home. the course is broken down into a number of sections including appreciation, decoration, socialization and creation! the creation section includes over twenty beginner projects in various art forms so that you can try many new things! click here for more details.

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Halina said…
This looks like a wonderful course. Just the kind I needed. Right now I don't neither have the time or money but it will be on top of my head when I do :)

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