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My name is Barbara and I post at "The Tattooed Housewife."  I have only been blogging for about 2 months, but I am in love!  I don't know what it is about sharing parts of my life with an audience that is so fun.  I guess its because I have written in journals my whole life, and I finally get some interaction back!
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Some of the people you will be hearing about are my husband, Dan, my daughter, Maggie, and our dog, Brutus.  Soon, you will also be hearing about Lizzy that will be born around August 30th!  My husband is in the Army and will be getting out really soon (YAY!).  We're currently in North Carolina, but will be making the big move to St. Paul, Minnesota!  It will be very interesting, since I have lived most of my life in the South.  Its going to be freezing!  I will be sure to record all my (hopefully) fun adventures in the Midwest!
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My blog is kind of hard to describe.  I have a little bit of everything.  Cooking, gardening, a few craft projects, places I've gone, and some everyday loves.  One of my recent posts was about starting the 30-Day Photo Challenge!  I'll just say its "My Journey to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife."  I didn't know how to cook or sew before I got married and became a mom, but I am learning!  Also, trying to have a greener way of life to save some money and stay healthy.  Hopefully, I'll be grabbing a couple of readers along the way!
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For those of you that have blogs and would like a button, here it is!

The Tattooed Housewife

Thanks so much and hope you stop by!


Patty said…
Wonderful post! The fun of blogging truly is finding so many wonderful people who share and enjoy...especially here on FTLOB!

Congrats on being featured!
Vapid Vixen said…
Hooray!! Congrats on being the featured blog! That's awesome.
Erin Wallace said…
I've read your blog off and on and really like it (great title, too). Will pop over and follow if I'm not already ;)

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