Featured Blog: Love Lucy Locket

hi my name is lucy from the blog love lucy locket where i hope to share a slice of my life with you. it would be lovely if you could stop by because it really would make my day.
a little bit about me:
i live in sunny england.
i study at the university of exeter.
i have a boyfriend of over a year and a half.
but he's moving to barcelona in september for a year :-(
so i better get used to the long distance thing.
i love ~
family & friends.
sleep & bed.
taking photos.
holidays in the summer time.
fashion & shopping.
bowling & crazy golf.
going to the zoo.
fancy dress.
dancing the night away.
thank you for taking the time to read this and if you'd like to drop by love lucy locket you're welcome anytime.


That's a cute blog name! :) Oh man!! Long distance is never fun... But if you really want to, you CAN make it work!
April said…
Hi! I’m following your blog. Please stop by and say hi when you get a chance. If you’re ever interested in a blog makeover please let me know. Take a look at my portfolio and packages when you get a chance. Hope you are having a Sweet Week.

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Such a cute pose in your picture! Tons of fun! I will definitely drop by and say hello. Is it as sunny in England as it is in Texas?
Love your blog and will add it to my sidebar...Hope you will stop by for a visit
Patty said…
Such a cute blog name...I will stop by for a visit!

Congrats on being featured!

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