Featured Blog: Hannah J. Holmes

Hello, there. So nice to meet you.

I'm Hannah, from Hannah J. Holmes, where I've been gracing the World Wide Web with my clever, witty goodness since my grand debut in April 2011. Okay, okay -- obviously, I am a complete newbie, so cut me some slack, alright? :)

In any case, I blog about the usual: good hair days, family, my backyard, life after college, and life in general.

I also blog about my wedding, which happened about six months ago, so I am absolutely living in the past and completely and utterly depressed about the fact I never get to wear that dress again.

I'm kidding, really --  in the end, husband trumps fluffy, cupcake-like dress.
I guess. ;)

But here's the important stuff: I'm a freelance writer. And I like cake.

Doesn't everyone?

Hey, speaking of cake...

I post a lot of pictures -- because writing and photography go together really nicely, like a right and left shoe.
But what's that got to do with cake, you ask?

Well, I tell ya. Photos are like icing, the best part. And some people only lick the icing off cake, just like some people who "read" blogs only look at the pictures.
I know, I know. Such a brilliant metaphor, right?

Here's the deal:  if you like writing, if you like pictures, or better yet, if you like both, then you better mosey on over to Hannah J. Holmes, where I'll be waiting with a big smile and a warm welcome :)


Joshua said…
All I saw was a picture of a cupcake. ;^)
Patty said…
Sweet! Not just the cupcake, your post, too!

Congrats on being featured and...put that wedding dress on and dance...like nobody's watching!
rachel said…
I totally agree with you! A blog without photos is like a cupcake without icing..what's the point? I am already a follower of hannah's blog, she's a cutie pie.
She sounds awesome! :) Really like that cupcake metaphor there... haha!
Steph said…
i am already a follower of hannah's and i have to say that i love her and her blog! definitely worth the visit! :)

Sinea Pies said…
Don't blame you for reliving that beautiful day and lovely dress! Congrats on being 'featured blog'!
Bri said…
Love the witty write up that went along with these photos!
So cute. I'm a icing first, cupcake next kind of reader/eater ;)

Going to check out your blog right.....now ;)

Dana Michelle said…
I love a blog with lots of pictures! The best kind! Going to check out this blog now!

dana at http://theabundantlifeblog.com

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