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Hi Everyone! My name is Sammy, and when I'm not featured on this amazing blog, I'm blogging over on my blog, frieden amore

Now that I've said that, I just heard everyone go, "frieden amore?! What the heck is that?" Well, I'm part German and part Italian and I am a HUGE supporter of peace and love. Guess what? Frieden means "Peace" in German, and Amore means "Love" in Italian. So now that we have that out of the way....

me, sammy, frieden amore.
Most people might say I'm just average; I blog about typical things, I don't travel the world, I'm not famous. But I would beg to differ.  I'm a 21 year old recent college graduate of the marketing field blogging about the crazy journey that I am currently on. No, I'm not saving the world from starvation, but I am bettering myself (and I'm having a blast doing it). It's not a fashion blog. It's not a self-help blog. It's not a craft blog. It's a "sure I'm about to become a 'grown up', but I can still have a good time doing it with the people I love" blog. 
grown ups can still have fun :) 
I'm a blonde, and because of that, I believe I secretly have more fun :) I love to share my good times, my mishaps, and my shenanigans with anyone who wants to read them. I also am a huge believer in everyone embracing themselves and their own beauty. I recently posted a project called my "Shameless Selfie Project" promoting self-confidence and embracing oneself. Check it out HERE (Participate if you'd like :) )

I wanted to blog so that one day when I'm 99 years old with severe Alzheimer's (positive, I know), someone can show me this blog and say "Hey Sammy, you may not remember this, but look at how you lived your life to the fullest!!" Isn't that what we all aim for? To live our life to the fullest. I'm doing it in real life, and I'm sharing it on my blog. I'm still getting over the nerves of having such a public display of my thoughts, feelings, and adventures. It's a very humbling experience and I love it more every day. It's peaceful, it's full of love. It's frieden amore


Patty said…
Let's just hope that when you arrive at 99 years young, you'll still be enjoying, and remembering, every moment of your exciting life.

Congrats on being featured.
That is a FABULOUS name! Especially because of your background!! :) Sounds like the Selfie project is a good idea too! Congrats on the feature!
Super honored to be featured here :) Thanks FTLOB!
Anonymous said…
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