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Hello readers of FTLOB! Or rather, Ciao! and welcome to the boot: my little expat blog where I write about life, food, style and all things Italian! I'm Marissa and I'm originally from Medfield, Massachusetts - a tiny suburb near Boston - but as fate would have it, in 2008 I packed up my life into two suitcases and moved here to Barletta, Italy, a little town on the Adriatic coast in Puglia.

How did I choose this town, you ask? Well, during my study abroad program in Urbino, Italy I met Manu a.k.a Love of My Life, and after much consideration and a year of long distance, we decided to move in together in his hometown, Barletta! It was a decision that changed my life (for the better) completely.

[i just couldn't resist his suave, Italian ways!]

I had always wanted to live in Italy, and it was like destiny coming to life. Barletta is amazing: sunshine, palm trees, seaside, everyone knows everyone, fresh + local food, you can walk everywhere, there's amazing nightlife, and the list goes on! It almost feels like an island! 
I hope you'll stick around and read about all of our adventures, the crazy characters I come into contact with, Italian fashion, the amazing food and everything else that inspires me! 

Your friend,

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the boot


perfect post from a perfectly lovely blogger! much love mariss! can't wait for next monday! xoxo {av}
Slidecutter said…

I can't wait to read more about your charmed life in Italy. How wonderful it must be!

Congrats on being featured!
Anonymous said…
Yay for Italia! I'm half Italian and dream of visiting there! My mom's best friend and her family have been living in the small town of Trani for the past couple years (the husband was transferred there on business after a few years in Germany). So until I can go visit, I'll follow you and live vicariously through you and my mom's friend :)
Dana Michelle said…
Very cute blog! :) I love the pictures! I will definitely be checking this blog out. Thanks FTLOB! :)

Nicole said…
Oh how I simply adore Italy. Only getting to spend a few short days in Venice and Rome...I fell in love with the country immediately. I look forward to reading more about your time there!
Glo Sews said…
How lucky you are! I hope one day to visit Italy, but until then I guess I will live that dream through your blog! I will be stopping by regularly!

Congratulations on being the featured blog!
thank you so much everyone! i really appreciate all of your kind words...and it sounds like we need a blogger trip to italy! haha!

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