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Good Morning Fab Friends, Welcome to Coffee Talk where we meet more great friends and indulge in a tasteful cup of joe sharing whatever we'd like to share! Last week we asked you to link your blogs and/or coffee related posts {you can link up more than one if you'd like} and then leave a comment below introducing yourselves or making convo by telling us what you're up to this weekend, etc.
Now at 1pm est, we'll be chatting in the chat room below and throughout the day we'll be communicating back and forth in the comments below. Please stop by, leave a message and we'll be sure to check stalk you out. If you'd like to co-host next week, email datssocute (at) gmail (dot) com
Stay tuned for more features and enjoy the weekend! xo


Good morning ;->
The posting I just linked up wasn't about coffee... didn't think it had to be... but if it is suppose to be, please go ahead and delete my link!

I hope you have a great time chatting with on line friends today.

For the record, I most likely will not be stopping back by till at least tomorrow morning. I am currently doing alterations on our daughter-in-love-to-be's wedding dress.
Bernie said…
Happy Friday! My weekend is going to be spent getting caught up on laundry. No need to be jealous.
Yasmeen said…
Hey all, happy weekend! I posted my date and semolina cookies that I love drinking with Arabic coffee. Try then out for something different!

Pretty low key weekend here. Heading up to the family farm to detox from the city for a bit. And you?
Sarah said…
Good morning! This weekend I'm going to be running my first 5k - I couldn't be more nervous! Anyone have any tips?
Happy Friday!
Meeting with a fantastic group of responsible dog owners (mostly ladies) to work on "some stuff" we are presenting to the Mayor & Council of Savannah...meeting someone locally about a rescue...spending time with the Fabulous Family.
Typical weekend at the Wilson home:)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
Anonymous said…
Happy Friday! Today is the last day of my internship so I'm kind of bummin'.

@Sarah - So impressed, I'm awful at running. Good luck!
This comment has been removed by the author.
It's just after midnight here in Sydney, Australia so it's actually Saturday. Just about to go to bed. Just wrote a post today about a voucher for shoes I bought. Going to wander down the road to buy a coffee in the morning. Will share that post with you but I'm linking up a post I wrote a week or so ago about my new coffee grinder :) I'll be reading your blogs on my ipad tomorrow morning. Have a great day!

Vikki @ She Has Cute Shoes!
Kaley said…
It's the weekend! My second to last weekend in the States for a very long time! That's a scary thought for sure.

I'm visiting family currently, since I'm leaving the country in a matter of days, and I am going to my grandmother-in-law's birthday dinner tomorrow night and then heading back home to begin packing on Sunday. Today I am doing nothing so far. So fun!
We can't even express the excitement of our coffee talk blog this morning! If we reach 600 "Honk for Japan!" comments on the blog, facebook, or twitter combined, See Beautiful is donating $600 to the Japanese Red Cross. Please check us out today!!
Yvonne said…
Spending this weekend attending a friend's wedding .. working .. and riding horses :)

Doesn't get too much better than that!
Barb said…
So glad its Friday! This weekend brings more work on our remodel. Crossing my fingers that the wood floor installation will finally get completed!
TriGirl said…
First time linking up to Coffee Talk. I won't be able to join the chat but I thought I could mingle before work. I have a triathlon this weekend!
Kimmy said…
woohoo! My favourite link up event! :)
Anonymous said…
I'm going to spend my weekend watching my husband spread out the giant pile of dirt that I got for my 10 anniversary. Try not to be jealous, y'all!
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately I'll probably never really post about coffee (i can't stand it!), but I do enjoy a good cup of tea regularly! :)

This weekend I work until three am two nights, and until nine pm one night. So I won't be doing too much of anything fun! Saturday afternoon I may be going kayaking and seeing a kayak race, though!

Hope everyone else has a fantastic weekend (live it up for me!), and enjoys their cups of joe. :)

Colleen said…
I'm drinking green tea today, but I'd still love to be involved in some coffee talk ;-)
Jenny said…
aww am i the only one in the chat? :(
Well I searched my blog because I was SURE I had some sort of post on coffee....but alas! There was none!
I make a fantastic coffee soap and sell it online here, but why no post? As much as I indulge in the wonderful stuff, you'd a thunk I would have talked about it more!


But in keeping with the discussions: check these out;



You all have a fantastic weekend! I am not doing too much except Back to School Shopping, Act IV and hopefully the final act!

Salonie said…
Weekends at a friends farmhouse away from the city. Blissful. :)

Happy blogging fellow-bloggers.
Hello lovelies!! This weekend will be our first weekend just staying home in a long time! My sister is coming to visit before heading off to start college next week. Excited to relax and do a few home projects! Have a great weekend!!!
Emily Joyce said…
Good afternoon! :) This weekend I'm doing laundry and cleaning house, but I have a date tonight with my husband and dinner tomorrow night with some friends. It will be a good mix of work and play!
GeishaGirl said…
Hi There! This is my first time posting anything on here, so I hope everything goes well :). My weekend is going to be filled with rehearsals for the Music Man and potentially buying a car. Busy, busy, busy - which is not usually me. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
Remy said…
Afternoon everyone!

Not sure what I'm doing this weekend yet as I've already tackled the laundry monster earlier this week.
mmbear said…
Stopped by from another blog hop and saw I was already following you thru GFC but not Facebook and Twitter. So, today I fixed that and I am now following on all three. Don't know how that happened. I usually try to do all three so I don't have to guess but somehow this one slipped thru. I don't know if you followed back so I would appreciate it if you could come over and check. I would really appreciate it. I really need my Facebook numbers to come up. Thanks so very much and have a wonderful weekend.

Cristan said…
Just found your blog via Boost my Blog. Saw this post and had to smile. My features today happened to be all things coffee-related. :)
Tricia said…
Hey there. My posting was not about coffee, it was about painting a room.
But if I hadn't had coffee this morning than I wouldn't have been able to write it!

This weekend I will work my last shift at my summer job and then I'm off for a week vacay with the fam!

See you around the coffee table!
Hi sweet friends! Getting to this late... but this week has had a lot of tough times, but today was a definite bright spot ~ that's in tomorrow's blog post.

Hope everybody enjoys the weekend, we are heading to the beach on Sunday. Won't be blogging until the end of next week!
Nicole said…
Happy weekend, fellow bloggers! Any book lovers out there? I'm in need of some opinions for my next read!
Adrienne said…
Oh I am happy the linky is still open. Sometimes it's hard to remember to link up because I am in Germany. lol. I forget things sometimes!

I hope you're weekend was fabulous! :)

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