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Good Morning Fab Friends, Welcome to Coffee Talk where we meet more great friends and indulge in a tasteful cup of joe sharing whatever we'd like to share! Last week we asked you to link your blogs and/or coffee related posts{you can link up more than one if you'd like} and then leave a comment below introducing yourselves or making convo by telling us what you're up to this weekend, etc.

This week we're featuring yummy Espresso Eclairs made by the Wandering Spice Beauty! You must head over for the entire recipe! Swoon.

Now at 1pm est, we'll be chatting in the chat room below and throughout the day we'll be communicating back and forth in the comments below. Please stop by, leave a message and we'll be sure to check stalk you out. If you'd like to co-host next week, email datssocute (at) gmail (dot) com

Go Meet our Co-Host this week: Yasmeen author of Wandering Spice



Olivia Grace said…
Good morning friends!!! Hoping to stay cool this weekend by lounging in the pool with the family. Have a great weekend!!
Anonymous said…
I was only a little hungry...until I saw that picture. Now I'm starving. Maybe I should'm going to go all Hal Jordan with some will power and stick with my tea...but it does look...drool.
Ada said…
Good morning all. Those eclairs do look beyond yummy. I think they'll put my pitiful breakfast to shame!

It's been a busy week around here, between work and trying to manage the garden's bounty. Good busy though. Happy Friday all!
Yasmeen said…
Hey loves, thanks for the feature and I'm so glad to be cohosting this week :)

Love your work and how supportive you are of the creative community.

As usual I'll be brewing up a storm this weekend and hopefully hitting the streets for some photo ops. Unusually nice weather in winter so I'm taking full advantage. What are you up to?
Well, the picture made my cereal look less than appealing! I'm going to have to get creative for lunch.

Love this feature and can't wait to connect with the other blog hoppers today! Happy seeing beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Good Morning. I have not done a hop for what seems like ages. Just got back from a close to three week vacation.
I will be setting up my display of purses up at the Montana Fair this weekend. Unpacking a bit as well. Weeee
Anonymous said…
Holy cow. I literally just finished a huge breakfast and now that picture has me hungry already. Also already on my third cup of coffee... its going to be an awake day! Have a happy Friday everyone!
b. lee said…
happy friday all!!! so glad to be in joining in today * it's been a while ... missin' my bloggy world ;)
Nicole said…
Good morning, lovelies! I'm so excited for this weekend - to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the summer. Oh right, I'm swamped with physics equations. Recommendation: never take a year's worth of ANYTHING in one summer. You will quickly rethink what you're doing going to school at all :)

However, I will be making time for a football fundraiser on Saturday!
Brooke Stone said…
Good morning all! It's almost weekend time! Plan on getting a little pampering for myself on saturday morning. I have an 11 month old and I stay at home with him. I need a little alone time. hehe! Then family fair day and beach day too! i love weekends. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Those eclairs look delicious! Yum! I am going to grab a coffee and sit and check out the links! Have a great weekend everyone!
Kimmy said…
oh my goodness. it's just half past midnight here and that picture made me wanna go out and grab myself some elcair!!

Happy weekend everyone!
Mallory said…
Hi everyone! Although I have to work all weekend, I am soo excited that the weather is supposed to be beautiful here in New Jersey. Hoping to spend as much time outside as possible!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Bobbi said…
Hello everyone! So glad you have all joined in Coffee talk. The weather here in Ohio is nice as well, hopefully I'm going to go do some retail therapy and get D's back to school outfit. He starts the big K in 2 weeks, and I know I'm ready. I hope you all have a fab weekend! Be sure to visit all the loveliness we have here!
Barb said…
Happy Friday! This weekend brings painting and hard labor for us. Its okay though - our project is getting closer to being done. If anyone has any tips using those vinyl decals/quotes - would love your two cents. I know no one who has ever used them. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Remy said…
YAY!! My other favorite hop! Between this and Sunday Comment Love...

I make an effort to read and/or comment on everyone who links up so I'll be back later this evening with my trusty cup (or two!) of tea!

Big big hugs to you all!
Happy Friday all! Dang... missed this week's chat! Hope to catch it next week! This weekend we're off to help my sister move to college. This week I shared a post on my advice to her. Hope you'll check it out!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madison said…
Happy Friday and have an awesome weekend!! That eclair makes me want to run out to the bakery, mmmm,yummy.:)
Bobbi said…
Thank you all that follow the directions in the post! It makes me smile that most of you are really interested in making friends, not just linking up to get followers.
What a cool idea for a hop. I posted my tiramisu recipe which is loaded with strong espresso. I love my coffee every day and have a huge appreciation for good coffee.
Thanks and take care..
Hi just calling by whilst blog hopping. Now following. Thank you for hosting. Be sure to come by and say hi. Sarah

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