Coffee Talk with Fab Friends

Good Friday morning pretties! Isn't it lovely to have someone to enjoy that cup of coffee with?  Just picture me sitting here enjoying my cup of joe reading your lovely posts and your comments.  We ask you to link your blogs and/or coffee related posts {you can link up more than one if you'd like} and then leave a comment below introducing yourselves or making convo by telling us what you're up to this weekend, etc.

Now at 1pm est, we'll be chatting in the chat room below and throughout the day we'll be communicating back and forth in the comments below. Please stop by, leave a message and we'll be sure to check stalk you out. If you'd like to co-host next week, email datssocute (at) gmail (dot) com
Before you leave, go check out a couple fab friends, just click on the pics!


Jordan said…
This weekend hopefully I'll be lounging around and canning lots of pickles.
Kimmy said…
Oh yeay! My blog banner is up here! Thanks FTLOB! :)

Hi everyone, my weekend will consists of yummy breakfasts and lots of empty boxes to be packed. I'm moving houses next week.. oh the stress :(

Hope everyone's weekend will be fun filled! :)
Sherry said…
Thank you FTLOB!
I'll be watching the Smurf's with the kiddos this weekend. After that it's preparation for the new school year.
Sonishka said…
Ooops, sowwyyy, my computer froze and I clicked and it picked wrong photo from my blog, so I uploaded the link twice.
Salonie said…
This weekend I'm going to be drowned in work. *sob*

Happy Weekend to the rest of my blog-world buddies. :)
Alyssa said…
This weekend I'll be packing and moving back to school for my senior. It's kind of bittersweet that it is going to be my last time going back to school from the summer!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Anonymous said…
Happy Friday! This weekend I'll be hanging at home and also getting ready to go back to school!
Happy weekend everybody! Back from our beach vacation and going back to school clothes shopping for kids today ~ maybe I can slip a few things in there too!!

Looking forward to catching up on all my blog buddies!
Oh, we're having so much fun paying it forward this Friday. Like to scare people? Come see why it's beautiful. ;)
Glitter Ballet Flats Go On An Adventure is back! :)

Tomorrow "we" will be.....

Actually read the "Before post" that I've linked up instead. :)

Looking forward to writing about "our" weekend and then getting around and seeing what you guys got up to. :)

Vikki & Glitter Ballet Flats. ;)
Hi, everyone! Sounds like we have some great weekends planned. I'll be spending my Saturday getting a new hair 'do...finally! It's been months, and I'm not exaggerating!

Hope y'all have fabulous weekends!
Hi to All! I love the way you coffee looks like dessert! I will be working on another drawing this weekend and in between I will be canning some tomatoes. My garden did really well this summer. Have a great Weekend!
Nicole said…
Good morning! I have had a really long week, so this weekend I plan on sleeping in, relaxing, and enjoying some sunshine. Oh, and watching Something Borrowed! Has anyone seen it yet? I read the book about a year ago and have been dying to see the movie.
Angie said…
My weekend will include cuddling with my wife, lots of True Blood, delicious foods, The Sims 3, World of Warcraft and hopefully some time outside if the weather cools down!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the spotlight, I'm still a bit new to the blogging world and I have learned so much already! I know that I am not alone in my adventures in life and there are others who share the same mishaps as I do! Perk of being a mom of two kids under 4! My weekend is a busy one! High School football starts tomorrow, birthday party, draft party, and shopping with my best friend on Sunday! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!
Vic said…
Happy Friday Loves....we have some exciting new things coming your way! Enjoy the Coffee, the chats and this weekend;D xo
I am so excited. Tomorrow, my husband and I leave for California to vacation for a week. :-)
Kristina said…
This weekend, I'm going to take a few moments - just a few moments - to breathe, and spend some time with my husband! -- alright that's what I'm dreaming of doing. Really what I'm doing is spending time with our family's because my step grandparents will be visiting, and I must see them tomorrow night for dinner before they got back to KS. Then it's the in-law's anniversary, so we have been summoned to spend Sunday with them for a family BBQ. I'm excited - really. However, I do think that that weekends deserve to be at least 3 days or more, simply for weeks like this one has been where we both work all day- then I have work stuff in the evenings until about 9pm. So honestly, I'm hoping for a bit more relaxation and time with the hubby that I think I'm going to get ! ;) A girl can hope right?!
Bobbi said…
Happy Friday all! Hopefully I can relax for a day, or two! Especially since next week is going to be craziness! Ah coffee and blogs, what I long for this weekend! Happy Weekend all! ♥ BJ
Cait said…
Aww thanks so much for including me in fab friends :) made my day!
Tiffani Rose said…
This weekend I will be spending lots of time with my kiddos! My hubby will be taking my step daughter back to her mom and Monday my oldest starts first grade, so I just want to have a relaxing couple of days with my kiddos!!

What I won't be doing is cleaning! I will save that for next week!!

Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi! I love meeting and getting to know new people!!

Thoughts from Tiffani
Happy Friday lovelies! We got our wedding pics CD last night... So this weekend I'll be going through and looking at some to share and print out! :)
Kristin Noelle said…
Hello FTLOB readers! Happppy Friday! Too bad I have to work. I am brewing up a fresh pot right now! :)
Remy said…
Happy Friday! I'm applying for work this weekend. (yet again. Oh the woes of the unemployed.)
Weekend fail! We were supposed to go to an outdoor movie sponsored by the Miracle League of Westchester but it's raining with tons of lightening and thunder :-(

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Happy weekend loves! Last weekend I found so many new wonderful blogs to read, so I can't wait to make some new discoveries this time too :) xxx mervi
Lozzz123 said…
Hi everyone! This weekend I went horseriding for the first time in over 10 years! Can I just say - ouch. It was fun though. Hope everyone else's weekends have been great :)

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