All You Need to Know about Sponsorship

Sponsorship questions seem to be rolling in with the how to's, curiosities and the who/what/when/where's. E-Books are the easiest, quickest way to gain all of your answers and here in this 11 page 'All You Need To Know About Sponsorship' will cover these most important facts.

and it is for everyone. you don't have to be a blogger with a ton of followers, you just need to know these details to conquer sponsorship on your blogs. Take advantage of the low $10 fee and get to know all you can about growing your blog and sponsorship!

Please Note: if you'd like the E-book to get sent to another email address other than your paypal, simply send a note to bloglove (at) aol (dot) com

If you've read the book, feel free to leave comments below! Thank you Bloggers---You Rock! We'll continue to offer these types of e-books, feel free to express your need for a certain topic and we'll work on it for you.


Yvonne said…
I wonder if it's worth it when you only get 150 views/ day with 50 followers?! LOL! Probably not but I'll keep this in mind for when my blog is a little more popular ;)
Vic said…
@Yvonne its actually very informative for beginners and we'd actually recommend to those like you :)
Eschelle said…
great idea for a class great work!! I just recently started a class for Twitter and how to use it to its full marketing potential. I hope you enjoy the teaching process!
Moe said…
I've been so bad about having sponsors then not having them. It was just so hard. But I like sponsors/sponsoring because I like to meet new bloggers. I will have to check in on this!!

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