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Hello Lovely FTLOB Members!

I am Kym, author of:

I began blogging back in August 2010 when my fiance TJ, English Bulldog Brutus, and I moved from Massachusetts to Germany.
When I started writing, my blog was a little more than a journal to keep our family and friends involved and up-to-date on our new life in Europe. 

I take a lot of pride in the hard work and dedication that has gone into what started out back on 8/12/2010 as this: I am completely new and clueless to the world of blogging.

Over time, Travel Babbles has grown to become a direct reflection of my personal style and interests. My blog now has lots more to offer both my readers and myself. From motivational posts and inspiration; boards, current fashion; trends, yummy recipes; my favorite beauty; products, wedding; planning, fitness; tips, to just random, funny; posts ... the creativity and positive energy is constantly flowing.

I'm also a huge HTML nerd. I love manipulating codes and creating minimalistic, typographic style blog headers and designs. Spending eight months in a foreign country where I was unable to work allowed me to self teach and develop this new passion. If you're interested in a new header or complete blog design, feel free to contact me directly at KY@travel-babbles.com to discuss your vision.
My absolute favorite part of keeping a blog is making connections and developing friendships with people from all over the world, so I would love for you to stop by and say hello :)
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Anonymous said…
Wow, what a life change to up and move to Germany! But how awesome, and blogging is a cool way to document it. Will be hopping on over to meet her!
Slidecutter said…
I love enjoying some desk chair travels through the photos others post and yours are wonderful!
How exciting to visit so many great places!

Congrats on being featured!
TexaGermaNadian said…
Yeah Kym! :) Great blog, ya'll should all jump over and check that out!
melody-mae said…
lovely...how awesome to pick up and move with your fiance like that!!
Jenn Flynn-Shon said…
What a great blog, thanks for featuring her as its been really enjoyable going back to read about her fun adventures, most recently in New England & with the wedding planning!
KY said…
Thanks FTLOB ladies and the rest of y'all for the lovely comments :)

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