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Hi! I'm Kat.
I'm a wife to this guy (we met in college, got the same job and moved in together as roommates, took a chance at dating, got engaged in the middle of the night (wicked funny story there), then got married)
a mom to this gal (I found out I was pregnant in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom, made it through all 41 weeks of pregnancy, and finally got to meet our baby girl this past January),

and an owner of these two squirrels hamsters small dogs (our part-Yorkie part-Diva mix and a Snug).

I'm a type-A person, a lover of all things food and wine, a wanna-be photographer, a techie-junkie.

I write the way I talk (which is often random and filled with tangents) and talk the way I walk (I don't know where I was going with that one, but it rhymed and sounded totally awesome).

So if you like reading about babies, dogs, food, wine, chores, schedules, husbands, and other daily randomness, follow along at Living Like the Kings.


Like the way she writes! It's got a fun sing songy tone to it! haha! Congrats on the feature!!!
Fun and light hearted. Love it. Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Ooooh Kickity! Look at you! Congrats!
Congrats on being featured! And what a fun and upbeat post to read.

Going to check out your blog now. Love the title, "Living Like Kings!" :)
Slidecutter said…
That DD bathroom bit has me smiling...what a story; better yet, what a baby! Beautiful!

Congrats on being featured and what a fun, fun post!
Bibi said…
very interesting post... heading over to her blog :)
Colleen said…
I am definitely a fan of all those things! Heading on over!

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