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Hey Y'all, I'm Breann. Being an East Texas girl, I love my fair share of heavy food and heavy gossip. I don't, however, know how to ride a horse, feed a cow, or kill a chicken. Just don't piss me off, or the twang comes out and I speak a different language.
I am severely in love with my husband, child, and pets.
I am the most loyal and devoted friend you will ever know or have.
My life is sometimes funny, always on fast forward, and never dull. I love to cook, read, and watch Logan grow and play. I HATE being outside in the heat, which makes Texas a curious place for me to call home...

Recently, we have started house hunting. Conversations in our house go a little like this:

Me: Ooh this house looks nice. It just needs a little updating and the price is right.
Husband: No. Hate it. Move on.
Me: Hmm. Ok how about this one? It has a doggie door so that I can stop wanting to rip Teddy's paws off so Teddy can go out when he wants and not scratch the door!
Husband: What's the school district? What's with that PANELING?
Me: Hi. Have we met? I am your wife and an Interior Designer. Ignore the paneling. I'll fix that. DID YOU SEE THE DOGGIE DOOR?

It's even better when actually touring a home.

Me: This is... interesting...
Real Estate Agent (also my mother in law): Well isn't this...quaint!
Husband: AWFUL! Why are we even HERE?
Me: Calm down, it can be fixed. In fact, I am wanting to change out a counter top or flooring to put my stamp on it.
Husband: *turns around 3 times* Ok on to the next house.
MIL: Oh look at the TREES!

Hopefully we get on track soon because our little bungalow is closing in on me FAST! (You can see our little place on my blog under Our House.)

I hope you enjoy following our life, step by step as we raise this little boy. We think we have a good time and hope you do too.


her son is so adorable :)
Jennifer Kay said…
I wanted to leave a comment on her blog but there was no link to do so! I wanted to say that I also have a Teddy and Lola...if those are miniature schnauzers. Awesome decorating in the bungalow!
Eschelle said…
Those dogs are amazing i love it!! can't stop giggling!
Slidecutter said…
Wonderful story, beautiful baby and adorable pups!

Just love your Bungalow and feel your pain with house-hunting. Before you know it, you will find that perfect, or almost-perfect, new home!

Congrats on being featured!
Breann said…
Here is the link! http://www.lifeandloveofaparrothead.com/

I hope you keep coming back!
Chelsea Anne said…
Hi Breann ! I got my morning laugh reading your house hunting dialogue!! I am originally from East Texas too :) Tyler area, actually! What a small world haha. Best of luck finding a house!
Jessica DeWitt said…
Yay!! Breann!! Nice to see you here, even though I talk to you all day!!

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