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Welcome to another featured blog here at FTLOB, don't forget that we have so much to post and you still have time to enter the giveaways. Let's Welcome:

Hi all! I'm Belly B and I blog compulsively at B For Bel :) Probably the only thing you need to know about me is that I have an uncontrollable urge to find and share amazing things I discover on the internet! My favourite emotion is excitement and to satisfy that, I spend a lot of my time oohhhh-ing and aaaaaahhh-ing at stuff I find in the online world, ranging from art and photography, to home and living, beauty and fashion, technology and gadgets and more! Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have made someone's day just by a little amusement and excitement :)
Here are some of my very favourite posts that had me (and other people) hyperventilating! I hope you get the same feeling too :)
(Click on the photos to go to the post) 

Miniature people are just like Us!
Yoga Gingerbread Men
Cutest Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets

Incredibly Useful Items for You and Your Dog!
Creative Eyeshadow Art (This one here's Aladdin)
iPhone App that Counts Calories through Food Photos
I also have a feature called "Never Worked a Day" where I interview people with amazing jobs, like Underwater Photographers, Fashion Stylists, Musicians etc.
This photo is by the amazing underwater photographer, Suzy Walker. Click the picture for her interview :)
I don't have a button yet, but I will definitely be getting one in the near future.
I hope you enjoy these posts, and if you do, come say hello!
Thanks FTLOB! :D You guys rock! 


Slidecutter said…
What a fun post!

Love #4 for the Dogs, going to show it to our pitty Walter and see if he prefers that to sneaking into the bathroom for an unmentionable drink. Don't ask, use your imagination, lol.

Congrats on being featured!
rachel said…
congrats on your feature. it's such a fun day to see your name in "lights".
BellaVida said…
Your blog sounds interesting. These photos sure are. I'm off to check it out.
Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute! Love the little mustache! And the gingerbread people! How do you find these fun things? :)
Kristina said…
What a fun guest post! Congrats! How can I not go check out your blog after this post?!
TriGirl said…
Bel has the cutest site. Congrats on the feature!
Bri said…
I couldn't pick a favorite of all of these, they're all mind blowing! Thanks for sharing!
Misty said…
This post was so amusing. Love it.
Belly B said…
Thanks guys!! :) I'm glad you liked it. Come join me for more!

<3 Belly B
Dana Michelle said…
Loved this post!

Kaley said…
What a great blog she has! I love those egg people and that manatee picture! Definitely a new follower!

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